Every November, the Park City Community Foundation holds a spectacular fundraiser called “Live PC Give PC.” This year, on Friday, November 9th, all PC residents will lock elbows and feel the joy that only 24-hours of extreme generosity can provide. Children will break open their piggy banks. Millennials will forego Starbucks for a day and donate what they would spend. Adults dip into their savings. Businesses kick in matching grants. With everyone in the community giving any amount they can, millions of dollars will be raised in support of Park City nonprofits. It’s the year’s most jubilant event when we all work together to preserve the place we love and ensure it will thrive for generations to come.

Our Nonprofits Make Us Great
Nonprofit organizations are at the core of Park City’s health and well-being. When they flourish, so does our community. Live PC Give PC empowers everyone who have a connection to Park City to become involved through philanthropy. Want to protect Park City’s breathtaking trails? Enrich our awesome arts scene? Ensure that everyone in Park City has access to first-rate health care? Live PC Give PC is our chance to do it together. It’s one extraordinary day when we celebrate our collective spirit of giving and support the organizations that make Park City the exceptional community it is. 

But Who’s Counting?
We are! A little competition makes everything more exciting.In 2017, Live PC Give PC raised donations from over 4,000 individuals who generously gave over $2,000,000!Over the seven previous years, an accumulated total of nearly $8 million has flowed to our nonprofits, making them even more effective at making sure everyonewho calls Park City home is taken care of. Plus, you can double your generosity! If you donate to Park City Community Foundation from now through Live PC Give PC on Friday, November 9th, their board and other generous donors will match your gift, doubling the difference your donation makes!

This year, let’s beat the 2017 numbers! Last year we set these records:

  • $2,026,917 million raised in 24 hours
  • 107 nonprofits participated
  • More than 4,000 donors
  • Over 30 sponsors

We at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris hope you will join us this Friday, November 9th, in making the 2018 Live PC Give PC the most successful in history.  Let’s do this!

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