Any One Would Be Exceptional. All Four Corner The Market.

We are a team of Park City realtors with decades of collective experience building successful relationships with our clients. As the CHIN | MACQUOID | FLEMING | HARRIS team, we combine our strengths and diverse personalities to create a remarkably unique synergy. It’s no wonder that in having four Park City Realtors instead of one, our team has cultivated a history of making clients happy.

Our Experience Is Defined By Our Clients

As experts in real estate in Park City, we want to step outside standard marketing practices to provide exceptional levels of service to our clients. We also want to make the entire process a memorable and exciting experience.

We pride ourselves on being perceptively knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate in Park City. Our experience ranges anywhere from product inventory and current market conditions, tax ramification and financial options, to advice on the best spots for dinner and a glass of wine.

We’re Proud Members Of Our Industry

Based on our exceptional results dealing with real estate in Park City and our strong work ethics, we are honored to have received some of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the industry.

Whether you’re considering luxury homes, developments, new construction, or investments, our experienced team of Park City realtors is all about expert handling that gets the best results possible.

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We've helped thousands of people just like you find beautiful homes here in Park City and the surrounding areas.

“If it’s true that you become like the people you spend time with, then I want to spend a lot of time with Lorie Schumacher. Lorie understands that trust is built with long-term relationships. She offers information, guidance, education, choices, and real life experience that has led us to build our Park City property confidence in her.  After the 2002 […]

-Marcia Schaefer