Before moving to Park City, I spent my childhood in Sacramento, California and went to Cal Poly Pomona. I then went on to work as a CPA for Kenneth Leventhal Company, a top-ranked national real estate accounting firm.

Wanting to take a short winter ski break from tax season, my wife Val and I left Los Angeles in 1975. That “short” break turned into more than 30 years in Park City where I initially worked as a bellman and a night auditor to fund our ski habits. Fortunately, I quickly founded and operated a successful property management company with my close friend Bob Wells, now Deer Valley’s VP.

This was the perfect launching pad for me to enter the world of real estate, which I did in 1980. I found the business incredibly rewarding and I am lucky to share my dedication and passion with our team of Park City real estate agents. My associates and I have successfully marketed and represented over 20 developments within the area. We are honored to be highly respected among our peers and have a vast network of connections across the country.

I enjoy the outdoors and dancing; in fact, there’s a disco room in our house. My other focus is undoubtedly my family. Val and I have raised two accomplished sons. Our oldest, Josh, lives in Beijing and has worked for the Wall Street Journal for ten years. Our youngest, Cameron, travels the world as the head conditioning coach for the Russian Woman’s Olympic Alpine Ski Team. We could not be more proud of our boys.

Aside from working with our team of Park City real estate agents, I am also very involved in Park City Education and the Arts in Salt Lake City with my wife. In our free time, we enjoy being co-owners of Parallel Napa Valley Vineyards, a boutique, with the fortune of having the well-known Phillippe Melka as our wine maker. Fun fact: Parallel’s name came from the lifestyle that brought the owners together – a love of skiing.


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