Joe & Colleen Ogilvie


My wife Colleen and I first met Ann and her husband, Mac, at an event at Glenwild Golf Club and Spa.  We mentioned to her that we loved the area and were interested in eventually purchasing a second home.  A couple of years later, we called Ann and said we were ready to start looking, but explained we were very patient buyers (not exactly what a typical agent wants to hear.)  Ann was patient, took time to get to know how we wanted to use the house, the areas we should concentrate our efforts and if we were willing to rent the home during the ski season.  I was playing golf professionally on the PGA Tour at the time and living in Austin, Texas, so finding a place to get out of the heat was very appealing.  Ann steered us to a home that was perfect for our young family and a wonderful rental during the ski months when the kids were in school – the best of both worlds.

After 10 years, we mentioned to Ann that we were itching to get higher up the mountain.  Her reply: “let’s sell this house first, be patient, rent in a few different areas during the summer and ski season, and I will send you updates about what’s on the market. If there are any special situations, I will shoot you a note.”  This is exactly the sort of service we are looking for. Ann never fails to impress and we look forward to her call. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy seeing her for a drink and dinner.  Thanks, Ann!





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