Marc & Deanne Lebowtiz


We live in a major U.S. city, and we mulled over the notion of owning a second home in Park City for many years. Having vacationed in P.C. many times, we had already grown to love the casual lifestyle and outdoor experiences. However, we knew that finding just the right place could be a challenge given that we could get away from our professions for only a few days at a time. A very close friend of ours recommended that we talk to Dena Fleming, who had been their Realtor. After meeting with her, we knew we had found the person who would help us make our second home dreams a reality.

Dena’s guidance was expert and invaluable. She advised us to walk away from our “first find,” and wait until we found exactly what we were hoping for. That proved to be the best decision we could have made! She didn’t slow down until we found THE home, and we adore it. Dena and her team made the whole transaction from offer to closing so smooth and easy. Without hesitation, we would recommend her to anyone looking for real estate in Park City.


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