The Park City lifestyle can be boiled down to three things: great skiing, great friends, and great food. Until recently, Parkites have had to make the choice of either great food that breaks the bank or cheap food that breaks their waistline. Enter Vessel Kitchen. Vessel Kitchen was the missing puzzle piece that fills the gap in Park City’s food market by providing great food at great prices.


Vessel Kitchen has been in business for only about six weeks, but what a meteoric six weeks it has been! It’s a fantastic food treasure chest filled to the brim with high quality, organic food that will satisfy everyone from the hippies to high-rollers. Anyone can find truly amazing food in Park City, but for a high price and there is plenty of unhealthy food for a cheap. Vessel Kitchen has filled the gap by cooking up all-natural, healthy meals that are affordable for everyone.

“I can’t get enough of it!” said Suzanne Harris. “Locally grown produce, humanely raised proteins, and following a farm-to-table approach, this is my meal-in-a-hurry dream come true!”


Vessel Kitchen serves simple recipes with creative combinations of spices, herbs, and house-made sauces. With menu prices topping out at around $15 for a full meal, that you won’t have to empty your kid’s college funds to pay for it. The owners have partnered with local businesses to serve local produce, micro-brewery beer, Red Bicycle Bread, small-batch Kombucha, and an assortment of handmade delectable treats. While the little eatery has been open only six weeks, they have plans to partner with local nonprofit organizations such as EATS and the National Ability Center to help educate the community on how to cook “honest food.” Vessel Kitchen’s business karma is golden.


The creation story of Vessel Kitchen began when Nick Gradinger was walking around Kimball Junction looking for somewhere to eat, but none of the options seemed both healthy and affordable. Soon after this, Nick recruited two culinary desperados who joined him on his quest for great food at decent prices: Roee Levy and Brian Reeder. Roee is the Head Chef of Vessel while Nick and Brian are the main business-heads at the helm. The menu is the result of all three men’s favorite culinary experiences and is rotated every three months. “There is nothing revolutionary about it,” said Levy. “We just cook honest food. We wanted to create a place where everyone can get a good meal at any time of day, grab a beer, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.”

“Rarely have I ever seen a Park City business take off with such instant success,” said Steven Chin. “In just weeks, Vessel Kitchen has become a preferred location for anyone, whether they’re having a business meeting or date night.”

Chin MacQuoid Fleming Harris is excited to see what Vessel Kitchen does in the future both for the community and philanthropically.  Visit their website

We’ll see you all there!!!

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