An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy. – Thomas Jefferson

Today, politics dominates the news every single day. Some days, you wish you could just turn it off because the flood of information is overwhelming. But, it’s had one very good outcome: we are, as popular slang puts it, “woke.” In the past 18 months, each of us has remembered how much our individual involvement counts, and that how we vote has very real repercussions in our everyday lives. It’s our duty to know what the issues are, who is leading us, and how our election system works. To that end, we at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris have put together a short list of basic facts about how voting in Park City and Summit County works.

•  Our community has two major governing districts: 1. Within the Park City limits, which is delineated by the zip code 84060. 2. Outside the city limits, also known as Snyderville Basin, is delineated by the zip code 84098. 84060’s primary governing body is the Mayor’s office and City Council. 84098’s primary governing body is the Summit County Council.

• To vote on issues or candidates on matters that concern Park City proper, you must have been a full-time resident of and 84060 for at least 365 days.

•  To vote on issues or candidates on matters that concern Snyderville Basin, you must have been a full-time resident of Summit County for at least 365 days.

•  Government bodies that are shared between 84060 and 84098 are the school district, fire department, public utilities, and public transit system. However, many duplicate agencies between the two work together for the overall public good. An example of this is Park City Recreation and Snyderville Basin Recreation, which work together to promote and expand our area’s active lifestyle.

Most Summit County voting is now done by mail. Watch this short video to understand how it works:

Of course, there are no issues that don’t effect both governing areas. Open space bonds in Park City proper have an affect on all of us. Growth and planning in Snyderville Basin concern homeowners in Old Town and Kimball Junction alike. Because of this, CMFH encourages everyone, regardless of your zip code, to stay informed on all the issues. Read the Park Record. Listen to KPCW. Actively campaign on matters you consider important. Never let a November election day pass without casting your educated vote. As individuals, our opinions may vary widely, but as a community, we will not be led into a future that is not of our own choosing. We need all our voices to be heard.

Get involved and stay informed:

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Know your leaders:

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