Do you believe in love at first sight? For many Park City residents, that’s how they remember their first visit here. They came for a skiing vacation or the Sundance Film Festival and then found they couldn’t stop thinking about this little corner of the world when they returned home.  In what seemed like no time, they had made a promise to themselves and their family that they would have a home in Park City someday. And then someday came. It’s more than just the beauty of the mountains, or the world-class recreational opportunities, or the nationally recognized school system. It’s the whole package. Park City offers a quality of life that inspires ardent love for this little town among its people.Park City

Get out and play
Park City welcomes new residents with open arms and makes it easy for them to find or create their own personal niche. The first thing on everyone’s list is outdoor recreation. This is usually the initial way newcomers meet people and form a close circle of friends. Park City offers such a wide variety of enjoyable things to do that it’s hard to decide how to spend your free time.  In addition to skiing at any of the world-class resorts, on any given day you can horseback ride into wilderness that has remained untarnished, play hockey or speed skate at the local indoor ice arena, cross-country ski on some of the best groomed trails in the world, or snowshoe into areas of pristine beauty and silence.

Getting to know you
Your sense of being connected to the community at large is what makes a town your home. Park City offers a multitude of ways to bond and make a difference. Park City citizen’s commitment to volunteerism is the “grease that makes the wheels run” in this municipality.  By visiting the local newspaper’s website, (, and choosing the “community” tab, you can browse the incredible number of non-profit organizations that would appreciate your help.  Also, the police department, the school district, and the local libraries are always looking for people who can donate a little of their time to help make this an even better place to live. On the more social side of things, the Newcomers’ Club of Greater Park City, (, offers clubs and meetings the cover a wide variety of interests.  Also, the Park City Chamber/Bureau maintains a very useful website, (, that is packed with information about shopping, dining, nightlife, and events.

Let us show you around
There’s no question that Park City is a wonderfully unique place to live or have a second home.  Let your heart lead you toward making that dream come true. With very little effort on your part you can dig below the obvious attractions and find the goldmine of other attributes that draw people from all over the world to our small town.  Give us a call at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris so we can show you the many reasons we love calling Park City our hometown!


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