We’ve been hearing about an official Arts & Culture District in Park City for quite some time. This week this long-hoped-for is taking a step closer to reality as City Hall considers establishing a new municipal department to oversee the project. While our town is clearly as dedicated to the arts as it is winter sports, we’ve never allocated the government resources that would allow the City to be directly involved – it’s been left to private organizations to make Park City a destination for art lovers.

Arts & Culture District
Over the past three years, City Hall has been leading the efforts to develop an arts district on the corner of Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard. Sundance and Kimball Art Center have expressed their intentions to be the anchors of a district.

To further this cause, City Council will soon be discussing the creation of a whole department that will develop and oversee the strategic direction of Arts and Culture in the Park City community, establishing a pivotal role the development of the cultural district. City Hall staffers are expecting to create an arts and culture manager post within the municipal ranks. It says a district, once completed, will require a full department staff similar to other programmed municipal facilities, such as the Park City Library and the Park City Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center.

Been There, & Doing It Again!
For those of us who have lived in Park City for quite some time, this is reminiscent of the bold moves made by Parkites to establish our town as a world-renowned ski destination. Although it’s hard to tell it today, way back when there were many people who thought that was a collective pipedream. But, look at us now! Could it be that our backwater hamlet is about to hit the world stage on yet another level?

Locals have worked hard for decades to make Park City a town that celebrates the arts. When we consider the successes of Kimball Arts, Sundance, Egyptian, and Park City Institute, our breath is taken away by all that’ been accomplished. We applaud City Hall for taking another bold step towards making our nickname – Arts City – a reality.


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