Marcia Schaefer


“If it’s true that you become like the people you spend time with, then I want to spend a lot of time with Lorie Schumacher.

Lorie understands that trust is built with long-term relationships. She offers information, guidance, education, choices, and real life experience that has led us to build our Park City property confidence in her.  After the 2002 Olympics, the Utah opportunities were fresh for anyone who realized that Park City property offered a lifestyle that few locations could match.  Luckily, I met Lorie and she held my husband’s and my hands through 15 years of sales, purchases, potential buys, closings, offers and purchases that recently concluded with our retirement home at Red Ledges.  She’s a consummate professional who never hesitates to engage other experts to confirm that all roads led to our best interest. If she senses I’m making decisions too quickly or emotionally, she has my back and slows me down. As a friend and Agent, she’s always told me the truth straight up, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

The core word to describe Lorie is “integrity” as it relates to business and with her personal relations.   Lorie and I have spent years doing business together and shared many of life’s situations.  She has been a lifesaver as well as a rock-solid Realtor, even giving up her personal time to make certain all stages of the transaction worked positively for everyone.   My recommendation for her cannot be higher, and I’m certain anyone who does business with her would agree.”


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