Jim and Sandy Hoesley


“If you are searching for a Realtor that places your interests above their own, then Cameron Chin is the Realtor for you. He is smart, energetic, knowledgeable about his territory and will serve as your trusted advisor. To Cameron, it is not about closing a deal; it’s about a relationship built on trust, integrity, and knowledge.

Cameron was the consummate professional with an engaging personality. He helped us make an informed decision backed up by comprehensive market analysis. His business acumen showed up in his preparation of easy-to-comprehend spreadsheets with all the data we needed to make an informed decision. Cameron emphasized that he was there to be our advocate, to discuss the data in an unbiased manner and to give us his professional opinion regardless of the outcome.

Cameron spent countless hours doing his research. His hard work and research helped the seller better understand the value proposition that we were offering. And in the end, we concluded a more than a fair transaction that even the seller felt good about. With Cameron on our team, we knew we had the personal chemistry, market knowledge, intellectual horsepower and trust you need to make life-changing decisions.”


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