Park City’s Silly Sunday Tradition

June 5th, 2017 | Park City Community

Summer Sundays are Silly on Main Street
After over a decade of consistent growth, the Park Silly Sunday Market has become a dearly loved weekend tradition in Park City. Delighting Tourists and Parkites alike, the weekly market appears seemingly out of nowhere on Main Street every Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. We invite you to come and enjoy our town’s “don’t take yourself too seriously” culture by strolling local vendor’s booths, sitting in the beer garden and listening to home-grown musicians, and running into friends dressed in crazy costumes.

Peaceful Progress
Before the Sunday silliness, Kimberly Kuehn had an upscale career in event planning and marketing. Living in New York City, she had achieved a level of professional success that was enviable. However, the horror of 9/11 moved her to reassess her priorities. She packed up and moved to the peaceful mountains of Park City and dove head first into the PC life style. Soon Kuehn saw an opportunity to fill a business gap in what was then the slow summer months, and thus created Park Silly Sunday Market.

From Fresh Food to Fabulous Fashion
The Park Silly Sunday Market started out with just a handful of local vendors who were trying to survive the slow economic beat of the summer months. Over the past decade the market has grown into a magnificent conglomeration of over 140 businesses representing all economic sectors, served as a helping hand to local nonprofits, and a weekly celebration with food, family fun, and music. “I can start my Sunday Main Street walk at a booth for custom boots, work my way through the farmers’ market, then end it with a beer in one hand and a slice of  gourmet pizza in the other,” said Suzanne Harris.  “All this is within just a few hundred feet!”

The Non-Profit That Promotes Profit
The Park Silly Sunday Market is a non-profit organization that has a singular goal in mind: to help grow Park City’s local economy. Every cent donated to them goes towards making the booths cheaper for the local vendors who attend the market. For anyone who is looking to start a new business, the Park Silly Market has been the launching point for many enterprises that have gone on to great success. The economic boon it brings to Old Town keeps many businesses that used to close during the summer now open year-round. The financial benefits of thousands of weekly visitors reaches all corners of our community.

Good Green Growth
The Park Silly Sunday Market works tirelessly to reduce its environmental impact. In 2016 alone the market recycled over 25,000 pounds of trash, keeping 87% of it out of the landfill. Vendors are encouraged to keep flyers to a minimum to reduce paper waste. Much of the food waste is taken to nearby pig farms – the pigs have even gotten to know the sound of their truck and start celebrating when they hear it.

The Park Silly Sunday Market embodies everything that Park City is at its core. Their mission is to grow the local economy while celebrating the creativity, ambition and entrepreneurship of Park City’s people. It’s fun, inspired, ambitious, hilarious, and environmentally friendly. We at CMFH hope you’ll join us this Sunday in letting your silly show!

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