Is Park City Good for Mountain Biking?

July 2nd, 2024 | Park City Community

We all know that Park City is a premier destination for skiing, but what about when the snow melts? Well, for most Park City residents, the end of ski season marks the beginning of something even more exciting–mountain biking season! 

Is there anything more thrilling than gliding through the mountains on a bike? The weather is warm, the wind is in your hair, and you can feel the crunch of dirt under your tires as you rip through a berm. Or perhaps you prefer the adrenaline rush when you hit a perfect tabletop jump. Or maybe, you’re the type of person who lives for the satisfaction of clearing a particularly technical climb with roots and rocks to navigate. 

No matter what your ideal day of mountain biking looks like, you can find it in Park City. Ask any mountain biker here, and they’ll give you the short answer: Yes, Park City is great for mountain biking. Here’s what you need to know:

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Park City Has Over 400 Miles of Trails 

Yes, you read that correctly! Park City is home to endless mountain biking trails–over 400 miles of singletrack to explore. In most cases, the sheer volume of our trail network far surpasses most ski resort towns. 

Park City is proud to be a year-round destination, and our emphasis on maintaining exceptional trails both in winter and summer is a true testament to that. Additionally, both Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort offer lift access for mountain biking in the summer.

Park City mountain bike trails have quality and quantity on their side. In fact, Park City is one of only five other locations in the world to share a Gold Level Ride Center rating from the International Mountain Biking Association. This puts Park City mountain biking on the same level as world-renowned trail centers like Aspen Snowmass and Rotorua, New Zealand! 

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What About Winter Biking? 

Park City has extensive fat biking trails in the winter too. Fat bikes are equipped with big fat tires that are designed to float over snow or grip in icy conditions. The same trails we ride in the summer are available for fat biking as well. 

It’s like getting two sets of trails in one since the conditions, views, and techniques for fat biking are vastly different than what you experience in the summer. Many of the trails for fat biking are also groomed, making it even easier to get out for a ride during the winter. 

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There’s Something For Every Discipline

Whether you love getting kitted out in lycra for a full-throttle cross-country ride, or you’re more about knee pads and full-face helmets on a downhill run, Park City has trails to suit all mountain bike disciplines and all ages.

Our diverse range of trails means you can opt for a relaxed family ride or a challenging session on the same day!

Some of the most popular mountain bike trails in Park City include: 

  • Armstrong Trail – This climbing trail is a popular choice for riders for its gentle grade and uphill-only designation. With about 2,000 feet of elevation, bikers can access the descent via Spiro Trail or continue climbing up to the Wasatch Crest for an extended ride.
  • Mid Mountain Trail – Hovering around 8,000 feet, Mid Mountain is a must for any Park City mountain biker. The trail traverses the ridge between Snowpark Lodge and Silverlake Lodge in Deer Valley. At 26 miles long, this ride is perfect for intermediate riders looking for a long day in the saddle! 
  • Crest Trail – Great for intermediate and experienced riders, Crest Trail is often classified as an “epic” ride for the amount of climbing and technical features. However, here you’ll also find some fast and flowy single tracks. One of the most interesting parts of Crest Trail is the fact that you can see both sides of the range, with the option to drop down into Salt Lake City through Millcreek or drop down back into Park City on the other side. 
  • Deer Valley Bike Park – If you prefer an easier way up, Deer Valley Bike Park offers lift access in the summer. With over 60 miles of trails, including professionally designed flow and gravity trails, Deer Valley mountain biking trails are well-marked for beginners, intermediate riders, and experts. 
  • Trailside Bike Park – Trailside Park is home to an excellent bike part featuring pump tracks, a jump line, flow trails, a freeride trail, and more. Trailside Bike Park offers well-built features perfect for testing your skills and developing your technique on the bike. 

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the trail rules and regulations before heading out. In Park City, it’s important to respect trail closures due to snow meltouts to help preserve trail integrity. 

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Our Trails are Well-Funded and Well-Maintained 

Park City is lucky to have the Mountain Trails Foundation, an organization committed to improving and preserving the local trail networks. Relying on fundraisers, donations, and volunteers, the Mountain Trails Foundation is not your average trail advocacy group. 

They focus on serving the local trail culture in the area through education and collaboration. They even have a year-round trail crew that works continuously on improving and growing the trail system. 

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Mountain Biking is Part of the Local Economy 

Just as ski season is peak tourist season in Park City, our local mountain biking trails are a definite draw for tourists and locals alike. Many people move here to be close to the outdoors and to enjoy the recreation. 

As a result, Park City has fully embraced the mountain biking lifestyle, with many businesses in the area supporting local mountain bikers. Whether you’re getting an annual tune-up at Jans or you’re checking out the latest full-suspension bikes at Cole Sport, the bike shops in Park City have you covered for everything you could possibly need!

Looking For an Active Park City Real Estate Agent? 

At CMFH, we live, work, and play in Park City. We love riding our bikes and enjoying the spectacular trail networks available here. If you’re thinking about making the move to Park City to be closer to the trails, you’re in luck! We can help you find the right home for your unique needs. 

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