In the search for the ultimate deal in the buffet of pass options available it can be challenging trying to determine the best fit.  Of course there are a multitude of factors to consider ranging from what do I want vs. what is best for my family as a whole?, where will my friends be skiing?, can I only ski on the weekends or can I sneak away for a few hours on a weekday?. The nice thing is there are so many products that the ability to pick a choose one option or another is easily attainable. This year I decided to switch it up and try a different resort. I have always been a Park City Mountain skier and they truly offer the best deal in town. For someone who wants value and knows that most likely their skiing days are going to be limited to what is in town the Locals Epic Pass is hard to beat. On top of that, with two kids under 5 years of age, the free season pass for the kiddos was a no brainer.



I made the leap and decided it time to enjoy the serenity of Deer Valley for a season. How does one make it affordable to ski in DV? It’s not quite as simple as the Local Epic Pass, but if you can piece a few passes together you can make it work. Fortunately, I envisioned myself having that ability to ski a bit more during the weekdays rather than only weekends. For $1235 I went for the midweek season pass. This price vs. the full season pass, at $1000 more, made my choice easier. With that said I also was realistic and knew that a few weekends would need to be covered, so I purchased the locals 5 pass coupon book at $490 (you need to prove you’re a Utah resident). Any of those tickets I don’t use from the 5 pass can be applied for next season so again, I felt good about this. My wife also purchase a 5 pass coupon book which is great because that is about how many days she skis in a season. The toughest part of all of this was having to buy my two kids the tots Season Pass, but at $160 per pass I figured this will be one of the most affordable investments I have to make in their lifetime.

This only scratches the surface on a plethora of options out there, but for the married guy with two kids (who are learning to ski) and a wife who likes to ski occasionally this was the best option. Good luck in all your research and get ready to do that snow dance!!!




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