As the weather heats up, so does the Real Estate Market. While Park City doesn’t suffer from slow property sales in the winter as most markets do, summer is still the hottest time to list. If the notion of a new chapter in your family’s home life has crossed your mind at all, we’d like to give you four questions to discuss that could move the conversation along.

1 – Are we in the best neighborhood for us?
We at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris don’t believe there is a bad neighborhood in the entire Park City area. We do business in all of them. But, every area has a personality with pluses and minuses. Some neighborhoods are perfect for families, others are better for young professionals, while others promote a great lifestyle for the retired homeowner. Plant yourself where you’ll bloom best. 

2 – How much room do we need?
Homes are meant to enhance family life, not be one more problem to deal with on a daily basis. Is your family growing? It may make sense today for your little kids to share a room, but they’ll be teenagers before you know it and want a space of their own. A remodel to add space may end up being more expensive and a lot more disruption than just buying exactly what you need. Is your family shrinking? Once your children leave home, keeping up an expansive house may impede the way you really want to live your life now. Downsizing can be the financial formula to making retirement-age dreams come true. 

3 – What’s most important to us?
Does your current location support the things you love to do? Do you prefer a village environment that makes morning coffee, grocery shopping, and nightlife a short walk from your front door? Or, do you long for more space to garden and let your kids and dogs run around? How do you feel about spending your weekends doing yard work and house projects – love it or hate it? Do you wish you had snow around you as long as possible, or would you prefer it gone the minute the resorts close? If you know what you’re looking for, Park City is blessed with such varied districts that all your preferences can be met.

4 – Is now the best time to sell?
If any Real Estate agent tells you they know for certain when the best time to sell is, don’t walk, run! Nobody can foretell what the future holds. But, here’s what we do know: we’re in a strong economic period nationally, and the local market is robust and stable. Park City will continue to be the best place to live in all of Utah, and this summer is a great time to be transacting Real Estate.  We believe your life is best lived in the present, not held back by past mistakes or future worries. Make your decisions based on wise advice, knowing in your heart that any changes you choose to make are to benefit you and your family.

Our office family at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris is eager to talk to you and your family about all aspects of listing your property. Now in our second generation of Real Estate experts, we have the wisdom to guide you and the youth to keep seeing new possibilities. When it comes to Park City Real Estate, let our family help your family.

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