Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.  – Pablo Picasso

The sun is shining and all of nature is springing forth with another cycle of beauty and creation! This is the perfect time of year to try something new that inspires your creativity. Art is second only to winter sports in Park City, and we’d like to encourage you to try your hand at it. We’ve recently learned about several places in Park City where you can learn the basics about different artistic expressions, and then create something that pleases you perfectly.

Kimball Art Center
Kimball Art Center is a Park City treasure. Since its inception in 1976 with the mission of inspiring and connecting people through art, KAC has put PC on the map as a destination for art lovers.  They have thoroughly succeeded in bringing meaning, joy, direction, and community enhancement to us through their annual Art Festival in August and exhibitions year-round. But, did you know they also offer scores of classes? Pick your interest and they have a course for you: drawing, painting, jewelry making, pottery, welding, photography … the list goes on and on. And that’s just the Adult catalog of offerings. The children’s programs will inspire your most dedicated video gamer to try something off the couch!

Red Flower Studios
Glassblowing was the trade of ancient alchemists. What besides magic could explain how desert sand is transformed into glowing orbs of brilliant color with the use of only fire and breath? Under the guidance of the Red Flower Studios experts, within just a few minutes you’ll be creating ornaments, jewelry, bowls, or anything else you can imagine. Single or group sessions are available, making for perfect parties or date nights. You’ll leave with a beautiful piece of art and inspired by your mastery of alchemy.

The Paint Mixer
Have you ever wanted to paint like a Master? The Paint Mixer is the ultimate creative and social venue on Park City’s Historic Main Street. Come alone or bring a group to enjoy an evening of painting like you never thought you could. You’ll be amazed that, with no previous experience and following step-by-step instructions, you’ll leave with a work that’s living room worthy. Sipping a glass of vino and working your color pallet, you’ll live the experience we all mentally picture great artists enjoy.

Wasatch & Wool
Perhaps the most charming little shop in all of Redstone Shopping District is Wasatch & Wool. More than just a boutique that offers high-quality yarns and accessories from around the world, Wasatch & Wool seeks to create a community for knitters at 7,000 feet.  Each week they offer workshops, classes, and knit-a-longs as a way for people to become inspired and get help with new projects while enjoying like-minded company. Learning this craft has been shown to provide many of the same benefits as meditation, but produces wearable art at the same time.

Davidene’s Quilt Shop
Historically, quilting has been the art of American women. In a group, it was the original girls-night-out. Small scraps of cloth that could no longer be used of shirts or dresses were crafted into functional gifts made of memories and love. Today, quilting is high art, and exhibitions are presented at galleries and museums nationwide. Davidene’s Quilt Shop is keeping this art vibrant and expanding by offering many classes and clubs to the novice and experienced alike. Learn to create everything from bedding to wall hangings to handbags that are a uniquely personal expression of your creativity.

It’s not yet gardening season in Park City – don’t be fooled into thinking we won’t see another snow storm or two before it’s safe to plant the pansies. So, allow yourself to take this time to learn a new creative expression. We’ve given you our list of businesses that offer classes, but we’d love to hear about others you have discovered. Please let us know what you’ve discovered as your perfect creative outlet!

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