We felt our hearts leap with joy last weekend as we woke up to find the first snow of winter shining bright on the mountaintops. It never gets old. The first time we see snow every year makes us feel like kids on Christmas morning. Love of the white stuff is in Parkite’s bones; it’s part of our soul.

Ready, set, … not just yet!
We’re not putting away our mountain bikes yet, but we’re feeling anxious about getting our getting our ski equipment in order. What went missing last year? Will all of it be in good enough shape to last another season? We marked our calendars for the big Ski Swap at Basin Recreation(November 2-4), made some Deer Valley Chili, and snuggled into bed early to dream of deep powder and blue-bird days.

Park City’s signs of winter
There are telltale signs of winter approaching all over town. They go unnoticed by tourists, but every local knows them well.

❄ Women are trading their yoga pants for fleece.

❄ Men are keeping their shorts on, but topping it with a flannel shirt.

❄ Roller skis are lining the jogging trails and bike lanes.

❄ Restaurant menus are loading up with tummy-warming soups.

❄ Everyone’s eye has an unmistakable twinkle in it.

Our weather is predicted to be rainy for the rest of the week, but the chill in the air tells us that snow isn’t far behind. This is our final goodbye to the summer of 2018– it was a great one. We’ll thoroughly enjoy these next few weeks of changing leaves and muddy trails, but our hearts are now set on winter. We’ll wake up every morning looking to see if there are flurries in the forecast and discuss snow-day policies around the office. We at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris will give you a wink and a smile the next time we see you, because we’ll know what you’re thinking about!


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