The kids are back in school, the weather is backing off the high marks, and we’re ready to coast across the finish line of yet another glorious summer season in Park City. However, before we close the books on Summer 2017, we want to recommend five things we think every resident and visitor would enjoy because they’re focused on taking time for just yourself. They’re easy, they’re cheap, and they don’t take a ton of time. However, they will remain in your memory as the bow that tied up all the joys these sunny days brought us in our favorite place in the world – Park City.

Take an uplifting ride
All three resort areas in Park City offer snow-less lift rides during the summer, but they’ll be closing them soon to get ready for winter operations. This is your chance to be still, tranquil, and do nothing but appreciate the breathtaking views and natural wonder of this area. You’ll see the wonder of the mountains and valleys in ways you never have before. In about an hour, you’ll return in a Zen state, full of gratitude for your fortunate life.

Walk where you’ve never gone before
Park City has over 300 miles of trails that wind all the way around Old Town to Silver Creek to Promontory. Check out the map, find a 1-mile stretch you’ve never seen before, and treat yourself to an hour of seeing someplace you can’t get to in the winter. Some of our trails are as busy as I-80, others rarely see a human, but all of them offer time in a spectacular natural awe. You owe yourself the gift of taking a brake from whatever you’re doing and going for a walk before the snow makes them in accessible.

Music in the air
Outdoor concerts abound at many venues located all over our community, but Labor Day marks the end for most of these. Take an evening this week, grab a blanket and picnic, and enjoy the a world-renowned group at Deer Valley, an up-and-coming at Park City Mountain, or a local’s favorite at Kimball Junction or Quarry Village. “There’s just nothing as great as lawn-lounging with friends and food at a concert,” said Ann MacQuoid. “It compresses all the best things in life into a couple of hours and leaves a smile on my face every time.”

Scenic drives to be seen
We love our town so much we sometimes forget about the breathtaking sights just beyond our city limits. Right now is the time to take an afternoon for a scenic drive through Provo Canyon, have lunch at Sundance Resort, tour the Alpine Loop, or walk the trails at Cascade Springs. If you’ve never driven up Mirror Lake Highway or visited Eden, UT, you’re missing incredible vistas just a few miles away. “When I’ve just hit the wall, driving to even just Morgan and back with my favorite music turned up puts me back to right,” said Dena Fleming.

Friends al-fresco
Al-fresco dining in Park City is everyone’s favorite, and one of the things we miss most when the temperatures head toward winter. Before all the patios roll-up, take two or three of your best friends and dedicate some real time to just hanging with each other over small bites and cold beverages. Our in-office vote for this is the deck at Deer Valley Café: it’s casual, easy to get to, the food is great, and we never tire of the view of the pond. It’s been a busy three months and we’ve crammed a lot of fun in. Now is the time to reconnect with our besties and share our experiences of the past and plans for the future. Soon we’ll all be too busy with winter activities, so don’t leave this highly nurturing time with people you love, but give little time to, out of your life for another year.

All of us at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris hope you have had one of the best summers of your life. We’ll be joining you this week to wring every last drop of enjoyment out of the season before we move into fall!

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