Everything You Need to Know About Lionsback Resort in Moab, Utah

February 16th, 2024 | Resorts

You’ve come to know CMFH as the top Park City and Deer Valley real estate team, but we are proud to represent the great state of Utah in many other ways too. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Lionsback Resort in Moab, Utah. Here’s everything you need to know about this spectacular new development.

What is Lionsback Resort?

Designed to blend with the natural landscape, Lionsback Resort is a launchpad for adventure in Moab. Here, the light changes every hour and the vastness of the landscape transforms with every move. Lionsback Resort offers the quintessential home base for all of your activities and recreation in Moab. 

Lionsback Resort treads lightly on the land, with stand alone Casitas, built on the principles of sustainable design. You will be hard-pressed to find a desert sanctuary that encapsulates the same blend of luxury, convenience, adventure, and preservation. 

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Where is Lionsback Resort?

About four hours south of Park City sits Moab, an iconic tourist destination that feels far removed from the classic snow-capped peaks of Park City. Nestled along the Colorado River, Moab is a desert region with captivating vistas that seemingly defy nature. 

Lionsback Resort is a stone’s throw away from downtown Moab along Sand Flats Road at the gateway of the world-renowned Sand Flats Recreation District. Situated on 175 acres of land, Lionsback Resort perfectly blends the convenience, community, and culture afforded by the city of Moab with the rich sense of seclusion you can only find under the stars in the desert. 

What Do the Casitas at Lionsback Resort Look Like? 

Designed by renowned architect, Thomas E. Sprinkle, AIA, the Casitas at Lionsback Resort blend into the natural environment. With contemporary design at its core, the Casitas are positioned to take advantage of the surrounding views while the design and aesthetic have been carefully crafted with a selection of materials and colors. 

Lionsback Resort will feature two and three-bedroom single-family home options ranging from 1,600 livable square feet for the Strata Casita, 2,100 livable square feet for the Mesa Casita, and the larger forthcoming Spire Casita.

You will love the tall ceilings, large sliding doors, and floor-to-ceiling glass to let in an abundance of natural light. Homeowners will have the opportunity to choose their desired finishes as well, ranging from a light Dune palette to a darker Arroyo palette.

Built with recreation in mind, the Casitas also feature oversized garages and lockable storage units to accommodate large vehicles and recreational gear.

For more information on the Casitas, floorplans, finishes, and more, read the full release on our development page right here.

Is Lionsback Resort Sustainable? 

In an area like Moab where natural wonders abound, it’s essential to ensure proper preservation and sustainability tactics are applied. Preservation is important to the developers, and as a result, Lionsback Resort has meaningful features designed to improve sustainability and preservation in the area. In fact, the project is committed to maintaining 70% of its land for open space.

Other sustainable practices at Lionsback Resort include:

  • All-Electric Residential Casitas – The Casitas here are all-electric single-family homes with induction stoves in the kitchen and water vapor fireplaces in the living room. 
  • Minimal Landscaping – Why create man-made landscapes when the natural wonders are already so spectacular? Lionsback Resort took a light touch on the landscaping, opting for native, drought-resistant vegetation that minimizes the need for irrigation. There are no grass lawns at Lionsback Resort.
  • Minimal Outdoor Lighting – Another instance when Mother Nature has provided what was needed. To minimize light pollution and highlight the incredible desert sky, exterior lighting of the Casitas was designed to comply with Moab’s Dark Sky Initiative–perfect for stargazing.
  • Drinking Water – In an ongoing partnership with the City of Moab, Lionsback Resort was designed with the Drinking Water Source Protection Plan (DWSPP) in mind, which helps protect the nearby aquifer and indigenous plant life.

What Amenities Does Lionsback Resort Have?

Lionsback Resort’s prime location is only about two miles away from Downtown Moab, offering easy access to the cultural center of the city, perfect for dining, shopping, and more. 

Lionsback Resort will include a resort pool for the Casitas. In addition, there is a proposed* Lionsback Resort hotel that will provide a 4 star family-friendly experience with 150 guest rooms, including a spa, fitness center, pool, restaurant and 7,500 square foot convention center and wedding venue. The hotel is also intended to allow Casita owners to put their homes into a rental program through the hotel operator for added convenience. 

*The development of the proposed hotel is contingent upon market conditions, governmental approvals and financing.

Moab is well-known as an adventure destination. Many homeowners here in Park City refer to Moab as the perfect Shoulder Season.

With unparalleled natural beauty and a world-renowned landscape, Moab is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers. Whether you dream of traversing the iconic Slickrock Bike Trail on your mountain bike, or you prefer the slower pace of a hike through the breathtaking Corona Arch, Moab is designed for individuals who thrive in the outdoors. 

In addition to hiking and biking, the terrain supports fantastic climbing, river rafting, four-wheeling, and overlanding. With proximity to the Sand Flats Recreation District, the Colorado River, and two national parks, your opportunities are limitless. 

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Are Short-Term Rentals at Lionsback Resort Allowed?

Lionsback Resort is properly zoned for short-term rentals. Despite the City of Moab restricting “overnight accommodations” from its zoning code, this does not apply to Lionsback Resort, and short-term rentals are allowed here. 

Adventure is Calling in Moab

With breathtaking views, otherworldly terrain surrounding, and access to some of the most unique and exciting outdoor recreation in the world, Lionsback Resort in Moab, Utah is your home base for adventure. 

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