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October 22nd, 2018 | Park City Community

Most registered voters in Summit County have received their early-voting ballots by now. This is a mid-term election like no previous one, and we at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris want to underscore that every vote counts! No matter what your point-of-view is on any of the issues, it is vital that you participate in our democracy by mailing in your ballot. We’d like to highlight what we believe to be important issues that will be decided in this election, and give you resource links where you can learn more about them.

Park City Open Space Bond
If your zip code is 84060, this issue will be the last one on your ballot. This is a multi-million dollar bond that will preserve Treasure Hill and Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures as open space. People for it want to ensure that no large-scale, multi-purpose development will be allowed on this land. People against it feel there is enough protected open-space near the two areas already, and the price tag is too high. For more information, click here.

Proposition 2 – Medical Marijuana
Currently in Utah, possession of marijuana in any form is illegal. This proposition would make it legal to purchase and possess medical marijuana with a prescription from an approved professional. People for it site the fact that it has helped many patients manage their conditions. People against it see it as a slippery-slope toward legalizing recreational marijuana. For more information, click here.

Proposition 4 – Voter Redistricting
Proposition #4 on your ballot addresses the issue of Gerrymandering voting districts in Utah. To see how current district lines are drawn, click here. This proposition would establish a non-political Commission that would determine district lines in more a more logical fashion. People for it believe the current districts are not representative of the populations who live there. People against it point out that redistricting will cost a considerable sum, and when areas have been redrawn in the past, little-to-no difference has been seen in elections. For more information on this issue, click here.

County Council Seat E
Do you think that Summit County’s Council doesn’t really effect you personally? Think again! Our County Council has great power over our everyday lives, whether you’re a permanent resident or second-home owner. For those of us who live outside the 84060 zip code (which is nearly 80% of Park City residents) it is our primary governing body. The incumbent is Glenn Wright , and his opponent is Josh Mann. Take the time to read up on both of them before you cast your vote!

All voting in Summit County is done via mail. If you have not received your ballot, contact the County Clerk:

Kent Jones
(435) 336-3204

There are many more issues and candidates on your ballot. We encourage you research all of them at, read the election articles in the Park Record, and listen to the interviews recorded by KPCW.  All of us at Chin-MacQuoid-Fleming-Harris want to thank each of you for participating in our elections. This is our constitutional right, and to forego exercising it would be a shame. You count, we count, every single one of us counts!

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