How to Sell Your Park City Vacation Home When You Can’t Be There

May 1st, 2023 | Selling

Chances are if you have a vacation home in Park City, you likely don’t live here year-round. Otherwise, it really isn’t a “vacation” home, is it? But being located hundreds or thousands of miles away can feel like a huge obstacle when it comes time to sell your vacation home. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be.

We know most people don’t live in the same city as their vacation property, which can complicate selling your home, but thanks to modern technology – and an expert real estate team — selling your vacation property when you’re not there can be a snap.

Property transactions can be done easily from anywhere in the world these days, especially when you partner with a real estate team who are experts in the market and your audience. With more than 25 years’ experience, the team at Chin|MacQuoid|Fleming|Harris also knows how to price your home properly and are well versed in effectively using all available selling tools. 

It’s never been easier for homeowners and realtors alike to present homes and handle transactions online.

To help you get more familiar with process, we look at several digital tools that can help you sell your Park City vacation home when you can’t be here.

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Use drone photography for the ‘wow’ factor

Using drone footage is one of the hottest ways to showcase your vacation property. A professional drone operator will take aerial photos and video of your home and property from all angles, offering buyers a clearer picture (literally!) of what the property looks like, its dimensions and spacial relationship to the surrounding area.

Well-executed drone photography can showcase a property’s context in an impressive manner, and in particular, it can help real estate agents feature amenities that are otherwise hard to show off, like a new roof or solar panels.

Video home tours offer comfort and convenience

Imagine prospective buyers viewing your Park City vacation home while in their own home, sitting comfortably on their sofa. Real estate teams now have the ability to create videos and host live streams for their listings. Live video or streaming tours can even allow for prospective buyers to ask questions while an agent conducts the virtual tour of the property. Additionally, talking photo applications can be incorporated for virtual presentations, allowing you to add audio on top of still photos. 

3-D virtual tours provide immersive online experience

Three-dimensional virtual tours make it easy for buyers from afar to access your Park City vacation property not only from the comfort of their own home, but also at whatever time of day is convenient for them. These 3D tours are attractive the tech-savvy buyer, who wants an immersive online experience and a more holistic view of the home before they even step through the door. These 3D applications use a 360-degree camera to create panoramic views, which are then uploaded and rendered in 3D. Potential buyers can explore individual rooms or parts of the home and view them from any angle, and they can even zoom in and out. 

Digital floor plans can lay out the specifics

Digital floor plans are also a great way to inform buyers about your Park City vacation home before they ever set foot on the property. These plans can break down square footage, show exactly where windows and doors are located, and help buyers evaluate if a home will fit their needs, preferences and even how their existing furniture or décor will fit in the space.

Save time and money with virtual staging 

Selling a home that’s empty or sparse on décor or furniture? Real estate agents can now use digital tools to create eye-catching elements without the expense of staging or using an interior designer. Virtual staging allows you to dress up your home by digitally adding furniture to any photo. When using a company, the process generally includes providing photos of the rooms you’d like to stage, and then either selecting furniture you’d like to see in the home or letting the company professionally design the photo presentation. Additionally, designers can digitally erase existing furniture and add the chosen furniture and accents to the photos.

Learn more about staging your home to sell right here.

Engage in social media to sell your home

Almost everyone is on social media, which is why these platforms are ideal places to advertise homes for sale. Real estate teams can connect with buyers through short Instagram and Facebook posts or stories.

While younger buyers might be less inclined to pick up the phone to ask a question, perhaps you’ll find they’re more comfortable doing so through the apps they use every day.

Digital signing capabilities make transactions safe and easy

Gone are the days of sitting in a stuffy conference room during the closing on your property.  These days, buyers and sellers have the option to preview, sign and return documents electronically. Not only is this more convenient for all parties, but it’s also safer, which is likely to relieve some stress as well. Real estate digital tools like DocuSign and HelloSign digitize the process, allowing all parties to sign paperwork, approve bids, and send off documents instantly using their phone, computer, or tablet.

Planning on selling your vacation home in Park City? Whether you have a busy life or you’re just looking for an easy, streamlined experience, we have you covered! Get in touch by calling 435-647-8035 or emailing us at today!

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