Selling Your Park City Home with Discretion

July 9th, 2024 | Selling

Park City is home to some of the most exclusive luxury vacation properties in the country. As a result, homes for sale in Park City attract a diverse range of buyers. Some people want to live here permanently, others might be looking for secondary homes or even vacation rentals. One thing these buyers all have in common is their discerning taste. 

In a high-end real estate market driven by luxury vacation homes, it’s common to work with high-profile buyers and sellers. For these types of clients, discretion, privacy, and security are of the utmost importance. 

So how can you sell your home in Park City with privacy and discretion in mind? Keep reading to learn more. 

What is Fiduciary Duty in Real Estate?

Realtors® in the US are bound by a code of conduct put forward by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). The code of conduct is designed to protect buyers and sellers. The code goes far beyond a simple guideline for Realtors®. Instead, they are more like laws that under no circumstances should be bent or broken. 

Essentially, NAR’s fiduciary duty stipulates that Realtors® must always act in good faith for their clients and never make decisions that would further their own personal or business interests. 

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How Does Fiduciary Duty Protect Your Privacy?

Fiduciary duty covers a variety of topics, but when it comes to selling your home with discretion, we will focus on the Duty of Confidentiality. 

This means that no matter what, the client is guaranteed absolute privacy. Realtors® are bound to protect your personal information even after your transaction closes. This applies to everyone, not just celebrity or high-profile clients.

Realtors® have what is called an ‘obligation of obedience’ where they must adhere to NAR’s Fiduciary Duties at all times and with all clients, regardless of who that client might be. 

Are There Cases Where This Doesn’t Apply?

As your Realtor®, our job is to always act in good faith and protect your right to privacy. However, in some cases, a client might be more open to announcing their plans. For example, imagine a well-known travel influencer buying a home in Park City: chances are, they will want to post about their exciting news on social media. 

Or let’s say a well-known local celebrity has just sold their home with the help of one of the best real estate teams in Park City. If they want to speak about it publicly, that’s completely fine. After all, it’s their business, and their right to share as much as they feel comfortable. 

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When selling a home, some celebrity clients might also feel like their connectivity to the property enhances the home’s provenance and increases its value, therefore wanting to publicize the sale and how it is associated with them. This is also fine, as long as the client is comfortable with publicizing these details. In essence, either one of these scenarios is not up to the Realtors® and falls entirely in the realm of the client.

Protecting Your Privacy During a Home Sale 

If discretion is on your mind when it comes to selling your home, you can rest easy knowing that your agent will do everything in their power to protect your privacy both now and after the sale. 

For an added level of privacy, we also recommend taking the time to declutter and depersonalize the home before listing.

Decluttering is something we recommend for all selling clients, but it is particularly important for sellers seeking discretion. Remove any notable items from the home including family photos, awards, and memorabilia. Potential buyers will need to tour the home, and they need to envision themselves in the space. Depersonalizing and decluttering help achieve this while also keeping your personal items hidden.

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Buying a Home in Park City with Discretion 

Sometimes, a high-profile buyer might require some special considerations when looking for a suitable home in Park City. Depending on your unique needs, a well-connected Park City real estate team can help find a home that offers various layers of privacy. 

For example: 

  • Gated communities offer a level of privacy and security with physical gates and security in some cases.
  • Some homes may have alternate access routes, backways, etc. 
  • Luxury condo buildings in Park City and Deer Valley also often include 24-hour concierge and security. 
  • Similar to the homes with access roads, some condos also come with private elevators or access to lesser-used service elevators. 

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How to Choose the Best Park City Real Estate Team

At CMFH, we have been helping buyers and sellers from all walks of life for over 30 years. From high-profile celebrities to notable public figures, and clients with unique needs, our experience helping find the right property or the right buyer for your property is nearly limitless. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Park City, we can help! Get in touch with us today at 435-647-8035 or email to speak with our team.

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