Congratulations to Carly Bennett Stenmark!

One of our favorite things about living in a tight-knit community is celebrating our friends’ successes. To that end, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our long-time friend, Carly Bennett Stenmark, on the publication of her book, More Than a Manicure – The Nail Files. Over a period of nearly three decades, Carly collected anecdotes from clients and stories from her own life that she expertly crafted into a book that’s impossible to put down. Some of the stories are funny, some heartbreaking, but all of them touch the reader’s heart at a very deep level.

“I’ve known Carly since I opened the very first day spa in Park City way back in the ‘80s” said Ann MacQuoid. “From the very beginning, her authenticity and tenacity to make it as a single mom raising four kids bowled me over. She’s smart, funny, and a great business owner. Now I’m adding Gifted Author to that list – I love her book! I was captivated by every story, because they are tales I have heard around town for so long!”

Carly has operated her own nail business since the early 1990’s, and the time spent with her is never just a manicure.  Her sincere interest, open mind, and loving heart have created hundreds of deep friendships with her clients. The narratives Carly has heard over the years come straight from people’s hearts because they trust her deeply. Of course, she changed all the names and personal data so nobody could ever guess whom the real person behind a story is. Nonetheless, every chapter in More Than a Manicure – The Nail Files is 100% true, not only in the telling of events but also how those events effected people’s thoughts, emotions, and changed their lives. Her attention to details and spiritual revelations captures readers at a tender and personal level.

Our hats are off to you, Carly! You’ve accomplished not only a major achievement in your own life, but also inspired the rest of us to stop putting off major goals of our own. Thank you for being who you are – 100% Parkite!

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